Collecting your Photographs

When your photos are ready, we’ll provide you with three pieces of information.

  1. A web link to your password-protected gallery

  2. A password for the gallery

  3. A pin number for your digital downloads (if included)

In these next sections, you’ll see how to access your gallery, download your digitals, and order prints.

Accessing your Gallery

Enter the Private Gallery

Open your web browser, then paste (or type) the web link that you were given.  Click “Open Gallery” when you get there. 

Type in the password and then click “Open Gallery” (again) to be taken to your gallery with a special welcome message.

Open 2b.gif

Viewing Your Photos

Scroll up and down to see your pictures, and click on a picture to enlarge.

scroll 1b.gif

Downloading your Digital Photographs

If your contract includes digital downloads, here’s how to download them to your computer.  There’s two ways to download the files, either one at a time, or together as a single, large ZIP file. A ZIP file contains a collection of files which you may open later.  Please be aware that a ZIP file is too large to download onto most phones.

Download All Files

To download all the photos together as a ZIP file, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the top of the gallery page, and then click “Download All…”. 

  2. Enter your email address then click “Download”.  

  3. Enter the provided PIN number by clicking “Enter It”, typing the PIN number, and then clicking “Apply PIN”.  

  4. Finally, click the “Original” button.  The gallery then sends the high-resolution photos to your email address. 

Download 2a.gif

Download a Single File 

To download a single file, you use a similar procedure as when downloading all files.


  1. Click the download icon below the photograph that you’d like to download.

  2. Enter your email address and then click “Download”.  

  1. Enter the provided PIN number by clicking “Enter It”, typing the PIN number, and then clicking “Apply PIN”.  

  2. Your browser then downloads the high-resolution photo.  Check your downloads folder.

Download Single 1b.gif

Ordering Prints

Nest & Love Photography offers high-quality prints at affordable prices, which you may easily order using the shopping cart in your gallery.

Add Photos to Shopping Cart

Click on the shopping cart icon below the photograph that you’d like to print.  A table of options will appear, showing the various categories and sizes that we offer.  Note that we offer more than just prints, we offer canvases, maple wood prints, albums, and more!

Add to Cart 1a.gif

Repeat this procedure to add multiple items to the shopping cart.



Once you’re ready to finalize your order, click on the "Cart" button at the top of the page.  Here you’ll review your selections and then click the "Checkout" button.  This will take you to a screen where you’ll enter contact and billing information.


Be sure to enter any promo codes that you have, either in the Cart or in the Order Summary section.


With all the information filled out, click "Place Order". 

Checkout 2a.gif